MobiGym | Training according to your body type by Soria van Wyngaardt
We are all created as unique individuals and this is only one of the reasons why one workout does not fit all. We all have different body types and although a lot of basic exercises can be incorporated into a workout, the workout needs to be tweaked according to the different individual’s body type. Apple:
MobiGym | Confessions of a Personal Trainer by Marina le Roux
If I say “Personal Trainer” – what are the first thoughts or images that cross your mind?  Is it someone who is super fit, or has the perfect body?  Maybe it’s someone who is extremely healthy, a drill sergeant type or has a highly motivational persona?  Or do you see us as judgemental, superficial or
MobiGym | Living your most fit life by Brendon Bishop
Living your most fit life is not a concept reserved for professional athletes or personal trainers. Fitness and wellness is for everyone – moms, grandparents, children, friends, family and co-workers. Often my clients, who took the step to use the services of a personal trainer, admit that they thought personal training was only for already fit
MobiGym | Winter Warmers by Heather Wynne
I particularly like this time of the year in terms of training, winter training for summer.  I find it is a great, natural motivator -the cold weather.  While many people are not getting up early in the cold to work out, you are, and this should make you feel great! Dress appropriately so to reduce
MobiGym | How to cut down on Carb Cravings by Marina le Roux
We’ve all been there – day one of your healthy eating program and BAM! – you are craving all that comfort food that you have been relying on.  Almost from the start of changing to healthier habits you feel you’ve failed. But first things first – CARBS ARE NOT THY ENEMY! Carbohydrates have been painted
MobiGym | Recognising and Dealing with Exercise Addiction by Werner Jordaan
1.  Definition of Exercise Addiction: When exercise moves from its central and important role to dominating and controlling one’s life. 3 basic criteria for exercise addiction: • One has to exercise to cope • One cannot live without exercise • One will experience withdrawal symptoms when a exercise session is missed. 2.  Theoretical under planning:
MobiGym | Is Social Media making you fat? by Marina le Roux
Do you think it is purely coincidence that today’s obesity rate is the highest it has ever been and that Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter is also at its highest popularity?  Our first response is to shake our heads in dismay, deny it and tell ourselves that it’s a crazy thought, but
MobiGym | Exercise and Pregnancy by Soria van Wyngaardt
Being pregnant is such a blessing to any woman and to be fit on top of that is having the best of both worlds. As soon as we become pregnant, our maternal concern for the health of our unborn baby increases and motivates us to make healthy choices regarding exercising and eating. Healthy habits established