MobiGym | Why should I Hire a Personal Trainer? by Soria van Wyngaardt
As the focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle increases, so too the demand for personal training. Here are the benefits of hiring a personal trainer when making the decision to develop the lifestyle of fitness, health and wellbeing: ·         Motivation and accountability A personal trainer will give you the motivation and encouragement to stay
MobiGym | Anorexia Nervosa by Marina le Roux
Anorexia Nervosa is characterised by an extreme fear of obesity, a warped body image and not maintaining a minimal normal body weight. Society’s obsession with being thin and the social unacceptability of obesity is portrayed to children even before adolescence.  Two out of three adolescent girls have been found to diet or use other methods
MobiGym | Kids Development and Fitness by Heather Wynne
We often take childhood development for granted.  Kid’s development through movement and fitness is critical in a child’s life as they are developing physically, emotionally and socially.  The majority of children don’t naturally grow up in an environment where they can play outside, in a park, ride bikes in the street etc. This results in
MobiGym | Blood, Sweat and Tears DO pay off by Karin Suter
Giving up during a workout has always been a no go for me! However, I recently attended a strength class which mainly incorporates Kettlebells. The trainer advised us of the workout and instructed me to use 2 x 12kg Kettlebells. I took the opportunity to challenge myself and thought “just trust yourself”. The workout was
MobiGym | Fitness Nutrition and Supplement Tips by Cheri Rademeyer
When you lose weight, you tend to lose a combination of fat and muscle. A diet higher in protein can help offset muscle loss, especially if you combine it with regular resistance training. As you age, you naturally lose muscle mass. Lead presenter Douglas Paddon-Jones of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston presented

Crossfit Craze by Linda Pretorius

MobiGym | Crossfit Craze by Linda Pretorius
I have really seen this crossfit craze come up quickly, and as  per usual, a “craze” usually come and go very quickly. However crossfit has stood the test of time as some would say (regarding the fact that you can hardly stand once you have done a class).  I have attended my first crossfit (me being

Smoothie Alert by Heather Wynne

MobiGym | Smoothie Alert by Heather Wynne
Smoothies with their hidden kilojoules may sabotage your healthy eating plan.  I see many gym goers after a great work out hit the smoothie bar and order a large smoothie which can undo all the hard work they have put in at that gym session.  Smoothies may be loaded with extra hidden kilojoules that you don’t
MobiGym | What exactly is Metabolism? by Lee Niemandt
Very often we hear people blaming their weight problem on a slow metabolism.  But what does this mean exactly? By definition, metabolism refers to the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.   Even while you are resting, your body needs this energy for basic functions like breathing, circulation, growing and repairing